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LinkedIn Status Updates: Are You Annoying Those You Should Be Impressing?

linkedin status updates

Do you share unprofessional, “Facebook-like” information on LinkedIn? I hear from people every week who feel frustrated with the information people share on LinkedIn because it is trivial. So, what’s the #1 rule of thumb relating to LinkedIn status updates that I wish everyone followed?   

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21 Grammar Rules for Effective Communication [Infographic]

grammar rules

In today’s highly competitive job market, being able to communicate quickly and effectively is a must.

So using grammar rules correctly – on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and even on social media – is often key factor in landing the job you want…   

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Professionalism in the Workplace: How Do You Match Up? [Infographic]


The word “professional” gets thrown around a lot. Many believe it has to do with someone’s title, or experience level. Others consider someone to be more or less professional by the way they dress, or by their work ethic.

But what does this word really mean? And why is this important to know?   

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8 Phrases You Should Never Say At Work


One wrong word, or thoughtless response, can ruin a reputation… and stick with someone for a long, long time, especially in the work place.

Unfortunate, since we tend to spend more time at work than anywhere else – and are prone to letting our guards down perhaps a bit too often.

To avoid a major fail in the workplace, be sure not to utter these eight phrases at work…   

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#InternPro Chat: “Professionalism 101: What Your Helicopter Parents Should Have Taught You”


In recent surveys, 74% of employers said recent graduates lack basic professional skills.

What are these important skills today’s young professionals seem to be missing? And why do they seem so underdeveloped? Could the cause be a lack of independence while growing up… the effect of so-called “helicopter parents”? Read on…   

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