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How to Network… Without Actually Networking


I admit it: I really hate networking.

The mediocre speakers, the waiting in line with a bunch of strangers to get an ugly laminated nametag, the surprise “sell” at the end, the crummy food, the awkward standing around wondering what everyone else is thinking, the forced mingling…   

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Meet Your New Job Search BFF: Informational Interviews


Your job search battle plan consists of applying to every job you find, in any field you have a remote interest in. You call it a successful day making it through applying to 70 jobs you found online.

You’ve done it, I’ve done it.

This tactic works, but only about five percent of the time…   

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Going Up: 5 Tips for an Excellent Elevator Pitch


Right now… stop what you’re doing and tell me: What do you do… Who you do it for… why you do it well… And what can you do for me to solve my problem? You have one shot. Go!

Such is the challenge of the elevator pitch – a personal marketing spiel… and a staple of successful networking…   

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How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations That Get Results


You know by now for a successful job search, and to build your career, you must network. LinkedIn is an essential tool for successful job search and networking.

When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, or when recruiters review your profile, the number of recommendations is among the first details someone sees about you. A good number of high-quality recommendations increases your credibility as a candidate…

So let’s get those connections AND those recommendation numbers beefed up with these 5 steps:   

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Your Professional Network: Taking the First Steps


In a presentation called “Launching an Effective Job Search,” I discuss the “iceberg” graphic shown here, illustrating the components of a multi-faceted job search.

Notice that above the water line – the tip of the iceberg – is “posted jobs” and “resumes and cover letters.” This is the obvious part of a job search everyone understands. But, that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg… and where job seekers spend way too much of their time…   

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The Networking Dance: How Well Do You Score with the Judges?


In the professional world, networking is a key skill for success. The ability to build and maintain relationships is central to both finding jobs and maintaining a strong career.

Despite its importance, however, so many of us struggle with networking. We don’t know where to start, don’t really know how to do it well and are terrified at the thought of engaging with people we don’t know. But why?    

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