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Infographic: How to Make Yourself Work (Even When You Aren’t Feeling It)

make yourself work

Every journey begins with a single step. But sometimes, that first step is really hard. Especially when that journey involves work. Whether you’re sitting in front of a computer staring at the dreaded blinking cursor reaching for the snooze button for third time, getting started can be hardest part of your workday.   

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Getting Started: The Cure for Procrastination [Infographic]

getting started

Do you suffer from the dreaded disease, “puttingthingsofftilthelastminuteitus?” Do you have trouble getting started when it comes to overwhelming tasks? Many people do. In fact, only one in ten Americans achieve everything they set out to do each day. Sometimes it just takes one ‘iceberg’ task to sink all of your good intentions. You put it off until after lunch, then move it to the end of the day, and finally… first thing to tomorrow. Eventually, your ‘to do’ list becomes more like a novel. Your stress rises. Stress and procrastination affect your mental and physical health. And things go downhill from there.   

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In 3 Steps: Stop Putting Off Your Battle with Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates. Probably no-one more so than college students who often feel overwhelmed with school, extracurricular, internships… and have no set strategy to overcome the desire to put until tomorrow… But doing so only leads to more stress… which leads to more delay, and the cycle continues.

But you can beat your procrastination with three easy strategies!   

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