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Want the Job? Solve My Problem!


No matter the job, the industry or the experience level, every hiring manager on the planet – whether they need a dishwasher or a VP of Rocket Science – has the same focus: Solve… My… Problem.

How does a candidate know the recruiter’s immediate problem? How do you determine what challenge are they trying to resolve by filling this position?   

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Job Seekers: Exactly What Problem Do You Solve?

Problem Solver

Employers are hiring again! This should be good news for all job seekers that many companies are feeling more optimistic about the future.

So what kind of jobs are companies filling? They’re filling the kinds jobs that help them grow their companies… from sales and marketing, to business development and project management, and more.

To fill these roles, companies as well as non-profuts are seeking the best of the best: the innovators, A-list Players and Rock Stars of their occupation…   

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