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A 15 Question Quiz: How Good is Your LinkedIn Profile?


Just how good is your LinkedIn profile? Specifically, how good are the most important sections of your profile?

If you can answer “yes” to these 15 questions, you just may have a really good LinkedIn profile…   

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10 Ways to Double Views of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Logo

When someone views your profile, it’s like they walked into your store, ready to do some shopping. So, how do you attract more shoppers to your store?

Here are ten simple ways to get more of the right people viewing your profile…   

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The 10 Biggest Rookie Mistakes Made on LinkedIn

linkedin mistakes

Recently I presented a keynote address titled Personal Branding Using Social Media Tools. After the presentation, someone asked me: “What are some of the biggest mistakes people are making on LinkedIn?” I made a few quick comments but promised I would get back to him with a more thoughtful list. To help you as well, today I’m sharing this summary of the biggest mistakes I see made on LinkedIn… 1. Punctuation and Grammar Mistakes I learned this the hard way when some people made comments about grammatical errors in my profile. I thought to myself: What is the big deal? But   

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Do Recruiters See “Social Proof” in Your LinkedIn Profile?


Chances are good that before you made your last major purchase, or ate in that new restaurant, that you looked online to see the ratings of the product or the reviews from other diners.

What you found online – what others say about a product or brand – is called “social proof”. Same is true for recruiters. They, too, are looking for social proof.   

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In Life and LinkedIn: The Power of Thank You

Thank you button

Throughout your early years, your mom always stressed the importance of saying thank you.

And now that you are starting your early career, her advice has never been more important: in life and on LinkedIn…   

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