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3 Think Fast Tips to Nail the Surprise Phone Interview

phone interview

Have you ever had a hiring manager call you and ask if you’re available for a phone interview right now? Sometimes, job interviews sneak up on you – literally.

Here are a few tips that will prepare you for a last-minute phone interview…   

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How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview – and Get Hired

In many cases, a phone interviews is the first step in getting your foot in the door at a hiring company. They are also a great opportunity for you to practice – and then showcase – your communication skills. With phone interviews, it’s important to remember that physical cues – style of dress, eye contact, a smile – are replaced entirely by verbal cues; this can be very tricky for some as it is crucial, as we all know, to make a good impression. To make sure you get that call back for an in-person interview, follow these tips for   

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Pants Required – Make a Great Impression On Webcam Interviews

Employers are finding interviews done with video-chat software save money and time. Job seekers too, see the benefits of this type of interview since they won’t need to pay for gas or air fare to attend long distance interviews.

But even with the convenience of doing an interview right in your own home, you must prepare for things that could go wrong. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure your webcam interview goes well.   

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