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Introvert or Extrovert: How Personality Influences Your Career Options

career options

More often than not, talk about the job market revolves around companies looking for the right person to fill a particular job. And there’s plenty of advice available to help you prove that you’re that person. But have you ever thought about flipping the script? If you think about it, finding the right job for the person is just as important. Especially when you’re talking about a career. Each of us has a our own unique personality and some jobs are just better suited to who we are. Sure, our skills and aptitudes play a big part in our career choices, but the way we look at the world may also impact the best career option.   

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Are You Following the Career Path Right for You? [Infographic]

career path

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? You heard that question all through childhood. It became a serious question in high school. Yet the answer to that seemingly simple question is not always clear, even when we reach adulthood. Many factors influence our career path, including our natural strengths and talents, our hopes and dreams for the future, and unexpected opportunities that arise along the way — or not. It can be difficult to distinguish outer pressure to succeed from inner ambition. Even if you are firmly established in your profession, you still might wonder if you’re on the right career path or if there is something more you could be doing with your life.   

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To Follow Your Dreams, Know Your Career Type [Infographic]

career type

Finding out your career type shouldn’t be a chore.

So here’s a handy flowchart from Truity.com to help you understand your career type…   

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How Do Employers Perceive Your Homegrown Personality? [Infographic]


Depending on where you come from, do employers see you differently? Are you a creative Californian? A home-spun Midwesterner? Perhaps a Type A from New York?

New data from Truity Psychometrics, as shown in the infographic below, shows just how employers might have preconceived notions about you based on where you come from.    

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