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5 Personality Traits of Those Who Learn Quickly from Failure

Steve Jobs on Failure

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

I’ve heard a lot of commencement style advice lately, but none of it has hit the nail on the head like that thought from Steve Jobs in 2005. With this observation, Jobs meant we can only truly understand how our experiences have shaped our lives by looking back at our successes and, just as importantly, our failures…   

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The Top 5 Traits Recruiters Look for in Job Candidates


Great cover letter? Check. Perfect resume? Professionally approved! That’s all well and good and while it may have landed you an interview, it won’t get you hired.

Research shows that a majority of employers are looking for a “cultural fit” over hard skills. Universum, the employer branding firm that surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on career-related issues, pulled their data and compiled the top five personality traits employers look for in job candidates.   

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