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#InternPro Recap: Use World-Class Sales Tactics in Your Job Search

#InternPro Chat Sales Tactics

Is it time to start calling personal branding what it is… personal selling? Is it time to incorporate sales tactics in your job hunt? After all, it’s often said that during a job search you need to become a master salesperson. And the product you’re pitching? You. Understand your value to the employers (the buyers). Be the best salesperson among all the qualified candidates (the sellers). And get the job. So how do we learn to sell ourselves better? Are there ways to climb our way to top of the “must hire” list? Are there world-class sales tactics¬†you should make   

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How to Use World-Class Sales Tactics in Your Job Search

#InternPro Twitter Sales Tactics

When we talk about job search strategy, the subject of “personal branding” comes up a lot.

But maybe we should really call it what it is: personal selling.   

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The Most Overlooked Job Interview Skill Ever: Personal Selling

You Suck

Most of us cringe when we hear these two words: “Job interview.”

Because job interviews are perhaps the most stressful portion of the job search process, we do everything possible to prepare. We Google every aspect of the interview, look at videos for tips, read every article from every expert, etc. And still, there is a huge chance that you’ll suck at your next interview.    

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