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Personal Branding: Your Path to Career Success [Infographic]

personal branding

With the rise of social media, personal branding is becoming more important than ever. From your LinkedIn profile to your Instagram account, your brand can be used to create a cohesive summary of who you are and what you represent. A succinct and cohesive personal brand can help set you on the path to success in your career by building brand recognition and improving your network of connections.   

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10 Powerful Tips for Building a Portfolio Website [Infographic]

portfolio website

Before the internet, photographers, designers, and creative artists used to rely on printed portfolios – big, unwieldy leather cases that they would lug around from place to place trying to “sell” their talent. Sounds a lot like your resume, doesn’t it? With the rapid growth of the internet and online marketing, creative artists all over the world have transformed those dull, printed portfolio books into online portfolio websites. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same. No matter what your field of expertise, having your own portfolio website is imperative.   

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Personal Videos: A Powerful Way to Support Your Brand

personal videos

Are you ready to use personal videos to support your brand? Videos are the cornerstone of marketing in today’s digital world. And your job search is all about marketing!

So it’s time to develop some new marketing skills!   

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How to Safely Expand Your Personal LinkedIn Network

personal linkedin network

When you add a new contact, you put your extremely valuable network in his or her hands. Remember, it is your personal LinkedIn network. It is a possession you have worked your entire career to build, and when you add a connection on LinkedIn, it is like handing your Outlook database to that individual and trusting him to treat it as professionally as you would treat his.   

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7 Social Media Strategies to Improve Your Job Search

social media strategies

If you are tired of the same old routine of searching for jobs, applying and then not hearing anything back, you need to try some new social media strategies. Or maybe you will find it easier to just enhance how you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat to steal the show within your career niche.   

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Selling Yourself to the Right People at Your LinkedIn Store

linkedin store

If you owned a retail store and a potential buyer entered your front door, would you ignore him or her? Of course not. Well, that’s what many people are doing in their “LinkedIn store.”

And then they wonder why they aren’t getting any quantifiable results from using the site…   

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