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Who Are You? 6 Must-haves for a Compelling Professional Bio

Professional Bio

People are checking you out online. And these “people” include recruiters.

To get their attention, you need a well-written bio that reflects who you are professionally. Think of your bio as a written version of your “elevator pitch”.

If you don’t have a professional bio, or if it has been acquiring electronic dust in a folder, it’s time to create or update… now.   

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Personal Branding: The New Black?

Personal brand

I’m going to coin a new phrase.

Branding is the new black.

Okay, well, maybe it’s not that new. But it is true.

It’s not just companies that are brands these days, people are brands, too. If you want to be remembered, especially by potential customers or employers, it’s crucial to define what makes you different. Here are three steps to doing just that.   

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College Students: Your Professional Reputation Begins Today


College Freshmen have unpacked their belongings and moved into dorms across the country… they’re settling into their new college life, making new friends, and have had a couple weeks to adjust to the stage in their life.

Which makes this is a great time to share some important career information. Advice, frankly, hat is just too important to wait until senior year…   

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Why Your Job Search (and Career) Needs a Personal Hashtag


Without warning, the hashtag has morphed into an amusing way to describe our mood or something about the moment. We need to tell the world how we feel… and a hashtag seems the fastest way to do that. #notimeforacompletesentence

What if our unique hashtags could revolutionize the idea of a resume and professional portfolio?

#whoa #mindblown   

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Your Reputation (Good or Bad) Precedes You


There’s a lot of talk about personal branding and its importance for young professionals to both job search and career. While the definition varies widely, the basic gist is that you should be able to control and market your professional and personal reputation.

Here are some ideas on how to design a reputation that fits how you wish to be perceived…   

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3 Stellar Personal Branding Lessons from Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football consistently tops viewer charts, taking the top four spots for largest audience during its debut week. Over the past eleven years, NBC has built a huge following of loyal football fans and casual observers. The announcers Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels themselves have generated followings, both on Twitter and at home. As of 2012, Sunday Night Football holds the top spot as the most watched TV series in the Nielsen ratings.

So what can you, as a job seeker, learn from Sunday Night Football?   

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