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Disengagement: 9 Reasons Giving Up Can Be a Good Thing [Infographic]


As we build our career, society teaches us a similar theme: success relies on persistent hard work. In that scenario, there is rarely place for deliberate disengagement.

But what if there is? What if giving up is the good thing to do?   

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Contacting Companies After Applying for the Job: Good Idea or Bad Strategy?

contacting companies

After applying for a job you really want, you might wonder what you can do to increase your chances of being noticed by the hiring manager. The good news is you can do more than just wait around and hope after sending your resume.

In many cases, contacting companies is considered a good idea, as long as you follow a few basic rules and don’t show you’re overeager.   

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4 Tips to Regain Focus When Things Aren’t Going to Plan

regain focus

At some point, we have all reached a place where, despite our best efforts, things are simply not going to plan.

It’s at times like these, you need to stop… and regain focus.   

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