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Givers, Matchers and Takers: One Will Be Wildly Successful


Research shows that in our technological world, our relationships play an important part in an individual’s success. We need to operate much more interdependently. This means relationships and our personal reputations are critical in shaping our opportunities, referrals, and promotion recommendations.

In these relationships there are three types of people: Takers, Matchers, or Givers. Takers strive to get as much as possible from others and Matchers aim to trade evenly. Givers are the rare breed who contribute without expecting anything in return.

Those who put the interests of the team (others) first will achieve long-term success. Here’s why:

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Life Is Hard… Harder if You’re Being Stupid

John Wayne

John Wayne said: “Life is hard; harder if you’re stupid.”

While you may not consider yourself to be stupid, I want to challenge you to think about it in terms of being stale in your life and career. Are settling for status quo, or are you consistently looking for new information to learn and apply?   

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The More Mentors the Better: Try “Micro-mentoring”


I just attended a client meeting where new graduates were reminded to “find a mentor if you want to succeed.”

Many of us are used to the image of a mentor as a gray-haired executive: the one expert who is supposed to have all the answers and can teach us the rules for starting our career. And we’ve seen firsthand the impact of having the right mentor at the right time…   

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Who Are You? 6 Must-haves for a Compelling Professional Bio

Professional Bio

People are checking you out online. And these “people” include recruiters.

To get their attention, you need a well-written bio that reflects who you are professionally. Think of your bio as a written version of your “elevator pitch”.

If you don’t have a professional bio, or if it has been acquiring electronic dust in a folder, it’s time to create or update… now.   

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What is Your Career ROI (Return on Investment)?


You already may be familiar with the concept of return on investment (ROI) in a business context. When evaluating a project, initiative or expense, leaders want to know what costs to expect compared to the benefits anticipated over time. This is the ROI.

But have you heard this same concept applied to your career… your “career ROI”?    

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