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For Future Career Success: How to Maximize Your Paid Internship

paid internship

During your internship, how do you improve your chances of making real progress in your career?

I’ll show you how giving proper attention to three essential elements will give you a good chance of success…   

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Companies with the Best Intern Salaries (Some Earn $7K+ per Month!)


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in the United States is $53,046. So it may surprise you to learn that several interns earn much more – $75,000+ assuming they were to work a full year. YouTern partner Glassdoor recently revealed its report of the “25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns.” The report sheds light on how much money some companies pay interns. Perhaps more important, the data underscores the current competitive climate among employers for the best, new talent. San Francisco Bay Area-based employers dominate the list, representing 18 of the top 25 companies. In fact,   

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The Foolproof Guide to Choosing a Paid or Unpaid Internship

It’s the age-old problem… you need a job to get experience, but you need experience to get a job. Internships are a powerful solution, offering real-world experience to complement your education. However, many questions arise when we think about taking on internships. First and foremost for many: Should you take an unpaid position, or hold out instead for an internship with a paycheck? Despite the lack of monetary compensation – and assuming all other factors are equal including education value, networking opportunities, available mentorship and relevance to your choice of careers – an unpaid internship may be an attractive option   

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Are Paid Internships Always Best? Maybe Not

If you are looking for an internship, and you are working on the premise that a paid internship would definitely be better than an unpaid internship – you might want to reconsider.


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