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Online Privacy: How to Protect Your Public Reputation

online privacy

What are you doing to protect your online privacy and reputation on social media? What steps or precautions do you take to ensure your social media profiles reflect the best information about you? Whether you are actively or passively job hunting, your reputation on social media is being assessed. So, in order to gain attention and stand out (for the right reasons), carefully consider what you share on social media. Let’s look at JDP’s findings from “How Job Seekers Curate Their Social Presence.” By the way, JDP provides employee background screenings and their study surveyed 2,007 US workers in July   

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Facebook Says: Privacy? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Privacy!

For many of us, our 9-to-5 grind moves seamlessly into what used to be “private” time. As more and more of our online activities represent our offline selves, so does our social media activity. Our Tweets are stored forever. Our blogs are available for all to see. And perhaps most important, our Facebook accounts – where the default settings allow anyone to view your profile and posts – are being reviewed by recruiters and often current employers.         “Can we have some privacy please?” My intention for this post was to describe a straightforward approach to customizing   

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Is Privacy in Social Media Available? Or Expected?

Last weekend I had a very interesting conversation about talking to strangers on the internet.

The 29 year old I met through a friend was telling me how terrified she felt to chat online. Since I talk to strangers daily over the Internet, I wondered why. As the conversation continued, she related that she thought the horror stories we hear about meeting complete strangers could be true in any scenario.

Even though we hear about people being robbed because they tweet their vacation plans, or because they check-in somewhere through Foursquare, I honestly don’t think anything of it when checking-in to places via social networking sites. So why does she?   

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