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Online Portfolio Guide: Your Key to Getting Noticed is at Your Finger Tips

online portfolio

In the Social Age, hiring professionals are looking for personal qualities that aren’t easily evident on a resume. And you’re looking for an edge in a competitive job market.

So use this guide to build a high-quality online portfolio… and get noticed.   

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Building Online Reputation: Controlling the Way the World Sees You [Infographic]

building online reputation

You already know how to build your reputation in your communities, your schools, and at work. You work hard, endeavor to be trustworthy, and treat people with respect. Building online reputation isn’t really all that different. It just takes a conscious effort and well-thought-out plan.   

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Online Personal Branding: Show the World Who You Are [Infographic]

online personal branding

Finding a job today, as many young professionals have learned, is more and more about online personal branding.

Specifically, you must show the world who you are… even before the first face-to-face meeting.   

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Job Seekers: This is How You Do Social Media Right

Social Media Big 4

To avoid freezing up when it comes to optimizing your digital brand presence on the Inter-web, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly being used by careerists.

Wwhat works, what doesn’t work, and where will you get the most bang for your virtual buck?   

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