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The Branding X Factor: How Do Others Perceive Your Value?


Are you acutely aware of your personal brand? Do you know how others perceive your contribution and value?

If you were asked right now, at this moment, could you clearly and passionately articulate your “X” factor?   

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How to Build a Personal Brand Through 10 Social Networks [Infographic]

You may have heard the expression, “Your reputation precedes you”. Perhaps nowhere is this common expression more relevant than in social media. It seems almost every day another story comes to light about a young professional, candidate, company or CEO who gets fired or ruins their reputation because of an errant tweet, blog post or Facebook comment.

On the other side of the online coin, are those candidates and young professionals who find themselves in demand and who get hired by creating a solid online reputation – their personal brand – that gets them noticed by recruiters.

Check out this interesting infographic from Boot Camp Digital for some tips on how to build a personal brand through 10 popular social networks. The more visible you are in social media (in a professional capacity) the more you’ll stand out among your career competition!   

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