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7 Changes to LinkedIn That Will Help You Get Hired


LinkedIn made a number of big, well-publicized changes last year, like the complete revamp of groups and changing the messaging system from an email-based system to more like text messaging.

But before we close the book on 2015, here are some of the less-publicized additions and changes LinkedIn made last year and some simple tips to help you get hired this year…   

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#InternPro Recap: How to Leverage the Power of Online Communities

#InternPro Chat Twitter

Online networking is one of the best aspects of social media. It has changed how we connect to people, how we search for jobs and how we advance in our careers. Online communities like Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups, and Facebook groups are a great examples of ways to get involved. But being a member isn’t enough. How can we leverage these communities? How can we put them to work for our careers? The #InternPro Community took on these questions and a few others on Monday night. It was a lively conversation with several excellent takeaways. Check out the full recap below…   

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Are You Making These 10 Common LinkedIn Mistakes?

10 Common LinkedIn Mistakes

If you are still putting off joining LinkedIn, or have an account but haven’t made LinkedIn part of your daily work routine, now is the time to dive in head first. After all, could 300 million people be wrong?

LinkedIn, however, isn’t foolproof. Mistakes are made – and care must be taken to make sure you are getting the most out of the world’s largest professional network….   

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7 Proven Ways to Quickly Expand Your LinkedIn Network

Quickly Expand Your LinkedIn Network

If your business needs are like mine in that you need a wide network with robust search results, here’s my advice for growing your LinkedIn network. You can use these tips to become an open networker or scale it back a bit to simply grow your network in a more targeted way. It worked for me and I’m confident it will work for you!   

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Social Networking: How Well Do You Work The Online Room?


Imagine you’re attending a career fair. Your goal: securing a job interview. You wouldn’t dream of sitting in the lobby waiting for the employer to come out to you, would you?

Instead, you would seek the right people out, build relationships, and deliver your elevator pitch in order to start a meaningful conversation.

Then why do so many employ the “sit and wait” strategy with their social media presence?   

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By the Numbers: Everything We Need to Know About Networking [Infographic]


Until that day when robots take over all of our jobs… business will still be conducted by people. Whether you are in a job search, want to stay up-to-date on your career skills, or are connecting for work-related reasons, networking is the most effective way to conduct business. Just how effective? In terms of finding a new job, for example, 46% of job seekers in a five-year study found a job through networking. The next most effective study result was Internet job boards… at only 25%. (Only 1% found a job through the newspaper). What makes an effective networker? What   

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