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Online Learning: Now Crucial to Your Career Development

online learning

What comes to mind when you think of online learning? Imagery of a sketchy, unknown institution with a website full of smoke and mirrors designed to hoodwink students, maybe? If it does, then you’re thinking of what online learning was a decade ago. Yes, poor experiences with online universities happen. These poor examples of distance education are vastly outnumbered by the legitimate online learning opportunities available today.   

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17 Websites to Learn New Workplace and Life Skills

learning skills

You don’t have to go back to school to learn something new. Thanks to the internet, there are a bevy of sites offering free or low-cost online education on a number of topics. Everything you could ever want to learn, from coding to how to invest your money, is online and ready for you.   

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Low-Cost Online Learning: Add Real Value to Your Resume

Online Learning

What do you do if your resume lacks the right education and credentials for the job you really, really want?

No worries! In today’s marketplace you can quickly add online training, seminars, and other educational resources to your resume, and many are available for little to no cost…   

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How Technology Helps us Quickly Master New Soft Skills


When the Educational Testing Study released its findings last year, many hiring managers were unsurprised: Millennials were found to be falling further behind their global peers in numeracy, literacy, and problem-solving in tech rich environments.

So how do we master new soft skills?   

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Student Special: The Top 4 Peer-to-Peer Learning Solutions

Peer-to-Peer Learning

As many students have learned, some educators have a difficult time teaching to their pupils’ level of understanding; it’s difficult for a career professor to think back to a time before they knew how to do the basics. For many students, this creates a difficult learning environment.

To get a personalized learning approach, consider leveraging the power of the crowd… just like Wikipedia and Youtube leverage content…   

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Build Your Career with a “Real” Education… After Graduation

College towns across the country are buzzing with the excitement of students going back to school.

Many of us already in the workforce, though, aren’t going back to school. And yet… we never stop learning.

No matter what industry we’re in, there’s always more to learn. Trends and information change quickly; if we don’t keep up… we’re left behind. The good news: there are simple ways to learn outside the classroom to keep us a valuable, knowledgeable resource for our company and colleagues. Check out these tips:   

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