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A Job Search Success Story: The Very First Thanksgiving


Once upon a time, early settlers to North America posted a job on PilgrimHelpWanted.com. While only one person applied for the position, they were quite excited about bringing on a new team member.

Here, just in time for Thanksgiving, is a fictional account of how that interview might have gone had it happened in today’s recruiting world…   

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Is Pinterest the Best Social Network for Job Seekers? [Infographic]


Pinterest can be an extremely effective tool to get noticed by recruiters. To fully understand its power – and how to maximize that power – we bring you an infographic from our friends at Giraffe CVs. This graphic goes in-depth on how (and why) to expand your search to Pinterest.

How will you make yourself different?    

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Social Proof: Another Way Twitter Helps Your Job Search

Social Proof

What is social proof? And how does Twitter help generate that proof?

In today’s social media-dominated world, “social proof” is the record you have created online that demonstrates the kind of person you are.

A Twitter account, like most things online, can be the proverbial double-edged sword…   

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Accelerate Your Job Search with Twitter (The Other Professional Network)

Accelerate Twitter

Many job seekers are aware by now that LinkedIn is highly beneficial to your job search. However, they often overlook the “other professional network”… Twitter.

To really get your job search going, here are some best practices that will help you take full advantage of Twitter…   

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5 Online Resources Every Job Seeker Should Bookmark

online job search

Do you want to work for Steve Wynn?

The smart money says his corporation isn’t going to post its job openings on Craigslist. So where do you find out about that next golden opportunity? More importantly, with all of the scam ads and the commission-only social media sales positions pretending to be high power jobs, how do you know which opportunities are truly worth it?

Here are five resources that are worth checking out. Bookmark these and give your job search a boost…   

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Craft a LinkedIn Headline That Captures a Recruiters Attention


Professional headlines are one of the first things others see when they search LinkedIn. Your headline becomes the sum-up of you and it’s smart to “make it sparkle,” said Krista Canfield, LinkedIn’s senior corporate communications manager. She uses the terms “journalist wrangler” and “constant beta” in hers.

Here are five questions to answer as you add some sparkle to your headline…   

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