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Want the Job? Invest Time Reading the Job Posting

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How much time do you spend reviewing an online job posting/ Absorbing all the details including requirements and instructions? If you’re like many job seekers, the answer is: not much.

Want proof? According to a May 2013 study by TheLadders: job seekers spend less than 60 seconds reviewing an online job posting before they decide either to apply or pass on the opportunity…   

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Employers: Your Job Postings Suck, Part II

A strange double standard exists in the online recruiting world. Recruiters expect candidates to submit flawless resumes. Yet often postings are horribly written. Candidates are left guessing whether they’re qualified – or even if they should really be interested! In short: they suck! The good news is if you encounter these incoherent postings, there are easy ways to get around them to find out what you need to know.   

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Employers: Your Job Postings Suck, Part I

Blog posts with advice for job and internship seekers abound, touting the importance of perfection in grammar and formatting of resumes. But it seems that employers aren’t taking their own advice. Often, candidates are left confused after reading one sentence online job postings, others with terrible grammar and typos – and all the while these companies want to project themselves as a great place to work.

Employers, how good is the posting (or the impression you make) if your postings suck?   

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