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E-Learning Trends for 2018 Career Advancement [Infographic]

e-learning trends

As the new year begins, take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Then, ask yourself, “what do you need to learn to achieve your goals?”

Chances are, there’s an e-learning opportunity that can help…   

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The 10 Best Online Courses to Learn Critical Business Skills

Online courses

Gone are the days when we had to go back to school to learn a vital career or business skill. Now, we have many self-learning options that can take you from an also-ran to front runner.

So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question: What is your favorite online site to learn critical business skills, and why?   

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Home Schooled: Online Courses for Re-energizing Your Job Skills

Online Courses

Just a decade ago, online learning was viewed as a second-rate form of education. Today, this technology-based learning method has become more prominent for students and young working professionals. In fact, it’s increasingly seen as the more preferred method of study, for students seeking online college business degrees or young professionals looking to re-energize their career.

So let’s look at how online courses can play a part in lifting up a young professional’s knowledge base and expanding their career and hiring opportunities.   

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Free Online Courses to Master These 20 Hot Job Skills


Employers often complain that there are plenty of candidates out there, but few of them actually have the skills they’re looking for.

With the right skill development, you can become the qualified candidate that’s just right for the job; and you don’t even need a new degree to develop them. Read on as we explore 20 of the most in-demand job skills employers are looking for today, and some of the free online courses you can use to get qualified.   

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