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Job Training: Ask and Your Career Shall Benefit

A new job can be a little daunting. Getting to know the inner workings of the company and being the awesome worker your boss recognized during your interview can be stressful if you don’t have a solid support system behind you. But companies are understanding a need for new employee training.

This is positive news for recent graduates and career transitioners who fear their lack of experience disqualifies them for job opportunities.   

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Top 5 Tips From a Start-up CEO (After One Year of On-the-Job Training)

I do not have a Harvard MBA. I’m not a “#u30pro” (but secretly wish I was). I’m not a social networking God (but am getting better).

I am a former engineer trained in the Air Force. I’m a consistent workaholic. I am a passionate entrepreneur. And, I’m an OJT CEO.

as a lot of you have likely experienced in your entrepreneurial endeavors…it hasn’t all been fun and fireworks. Now is a good time to reflect and share with you what went right, and what didn’t…   

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