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7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Difficult Workplace Conversations

difficult workplace conversations

The world of office politics can be eye-opening and daunting to young professionals.

And as many workplace veterans might tell you: there are certain lessons that can only be learned as you actually experience them…   

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The Politics of Internships: 5 Career Tips Learned Interning in the U.S. Congress

Unless you’re a Political Science major, you may not like politics. You might run from them as fast as you can, especially in the office. But office politics are everywhere, even at internships.

From speaking with many Congressmen and their staff experts, I learned some amazing tips on how to navigate office politics.

Below are 5 quick tips I practiced daily to help me avoid office politics. They helped me stand out among hundreds of other sharp interns, and following them will give you the edge too!   

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Under Attack: What to Do When a Co-worker Is Out to Get You

When someone attacks you at work, they usually feel threatened as well. The trick to understanding those motivations is to analyze what might make them feel threatened to hopefully cut them off at the pass.

Ask yourself:   

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