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No Experience Required! 11 Jobs You Can Get Right Now

no experience

The concept of “experience” in job-searching can feel like a catch-22: you can’t get a job with no experience, but you can’t get experience without getting a job. How’s a person to get food on the table!?!

Then again, there are some entry-level positions that require little to no experience…   

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Turn Your College Years into Real and Relevant Job Experience

job experience

Many college students and recent grads face the “I don’t have experience” dilemma in their job search. In one recent blog post I included this:

Most new grads have more experience and skills than they give themselves credit for, and then struggle with turning it into value statements for employers.

The truth is most grads do have experience. It just may not be in a j-o-b for which they were paid a salary.   

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Break the Career Catch-22: Get a Job… Without Experience

Career Catch 22

You’re now facing the problem that has dogged every young professional since jobs were invented: How do you get experience to land a job which requires a worker with experience? It is the Career Catch-22.

Here are some techniques to help you get through that Catch-22… and well on your way to your first day at work…   

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No Excuse for No Experience: 4 Foolproof Tips to Fill Holes in Your Resume

Holes In Your Resume

Here at YouTern, we hear this same lament all the time: “I can’t get a job… I don’t have experience.”

This convenient cliché comes from students, recent graduates and those in career transition. Like most clichés, it’s often true – at least in the moment it’s being said.

However, If you’re still saying stuck on this cliche three months from after reading this post… Well… there’s no excuse.

There are many relatively painless ways to remove the “no experience” void in your resume. On a 1 to 5 scale, let’s take a look at the best available options:   

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No Experience? How to Dismantle the Internship Catch-22

To get an internship, often one finds they must have previous intern experience. Thankfully, there are ways around this Catch-22!   

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Our Best Career Advice: Top 5 Blogs in 2010

When YouTern launched a few months ago, we set out to move the mindset of both employers and interns away from antiquated “coffee and copy” and “go-fer” internships. Instead, we wanted to set expectations that an intern experience should be mutually beneficial – with effective mentorship as a key.

We’d also hoped to energize those entering the workforce to realize they were CEO’s of their careers…   

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