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Networking: The Slow but Steady Path to Your Next Job

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You’ve heard the saying “slow but steady wins the race”. Well, networking is a slow but steady process. It may not feel like the fastest route to your next job, but it is certainly the most effective. Networking requires you have some patience as you reconnect with friends and build new relationships.   

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Your Next Job Search: 7 Things To Do After You’ve Landed a New Job

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Congratulations, you’ve landed a new job! But don’t relax just yet. There are some things you’re going to want to do to help your next job search.

Why? Because, yes, you will have to look for a job again – perhaps soon.   

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The Stealth Job Search: How to Fly Under the Radar While Finding a New Job

stealth job search

A stealth job search can help you protect your job and your income. Employers, not surprisingly, tend to view a job-seeking employee as “disloyal,” not focused on their work, and a threat to company secrets, customer lists, etc.

So maintaining a low profile is the smart thing to do, even though it makes your job search a bit trickier…   

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Before Moving On: Strategies for Strengthening Your Network


There comes a time for most every employee when, like rocker Tom Petty, we decide it’s “Time to Move On.”

From the moment you give notice of your departure until your last day at that job, there’s an opportunity for the taking: the chance to significantly build your personal network with existing colleagues…   

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