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The 3 Adjectives That Damage Your Personal Brand

Look at your personal branding documents and online accounts. Do you include the adjectives “successful”, “hard-working” and “enthusiastic”?

Find any of them in your resume or cover letter? Your LinkedIn profile? Probably. That’s because EVERYONE describes themselves the same way. It’s a bad habit we carry over from life as an undergrad in our quest to seem impressive…   

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14 Soft Skills to Master As a Twenty-Something

Career will thank you

What if, as online courses become more legitimate and trustworthy and internships and apprenticeships provide even more value, employers stop caring about where we gain the skills required — and only care that we have them?

In order to attract the attention of those employers, here are 14 soft skills – intangible qualities you won’t find in any textbook – that you’ll want to master as a twenty-something…   

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9 Things That Should Never Be on Your Resume

Resume Fail

Your resume. Often, your first – and last – impression. And yet so many don’t take the time to make that first impression a good one. We carefully choose the format that best represents us. We agonize over which font to use. And we proofread over and over… only to have the resume rejected, over and over. Why? Because you haven’t yet removed all the fluff that employers do not care about! Take a look at your resume, and be sure to cut out these nine unnecessary items that send the wrong message to potential employers: 1. Anything After Bullet   

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9 Reasons Every Young Professional Needs a Side Hustle

Lincoln quote

Andres Zapata, the owner of a consulting firm, is handing Millennials a golden opportunity. He closes his office every day at 5:30 pm without exception.

Our generation demands a greater work/life balance, and companies like Zapata’s give us what we want: more free time.

What’s the best way to fill (some of) the extra hours? With a side hustle. It could be anything: a business venture, start-up, developing an app, volunteering, a part-time job or even tinkering with a blog.

The list is endless. All you need to do is pick something. Here are 9 reasons why every young professional needs a side hustle.   

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Experience U: 15 Tips to Earning a Lifelong Master’s Degree

Once You Stop Learning

The Millennial generation? Maybe we should be called the “Master’s” generation.

A story by Nick Anderson in The Washington Post describes how young professionals are funneling into colleges and universities at a record pace for advanced diplomas. In the report, Anderson says that from 2000 to 2012, the number of master’s degrees rose 63 percent.

“A plain ol’ bachelor’s won’t cut it anymore,” the theory goes…   

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