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Network Your Way to Great Career in the New Year


Are you part of the 15 percent of workers who are underemployed? Or the 53 percent of workers who aren’t satisfied with their current employment?

Two weeks into the new, perhaps this is the time to dust off your networking shoes and get out on the dance floor!   

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New Year’s Resolution: Rule, Rather Than Follow, Your Passion


Any day now, along with the year’s top-of-everything lists (movies, blogs, apps, etc.) we’ll start to see blog posts regarding New Year’s resolutions. And, without fail, many of these lists will include some version of this phrase:

“I will follow my passion more.”

Unfortunately, by the time the Super Bowl is over… these (and many other) resolutions are already forgotten…   

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The Keys to Successful Resolutions: Measurable Goals and Deadlines

Over the weekend, we were shouting our New Years resolutions from the rooftops – and our keyboards.

I can already tell which of those will fail. So can you. “I want to lose weight” – fail. “I will drink less coffee” – fail. “I will have better work-life balance” – sadly, fail.

Now compare that to the achievable resolutions that stand a chance of success…   

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5 Tips to Boost Your Career in the New Year

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to finally take your career to the next level and get the position you’ve always dreamed of. If you haven’t take those steps because you don’t know where or how to get started, follow these “must have” tips to boost your career in 2011.   

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Career Experts Volunteer to Get Job Seekers “Hired for the Holidays”

The team at YouTern is proud to support “Hired for the Holidays” – a collaborative effort to help exceptional job seekers find work, one person at a time.

As you read our press release below, please consider joining our efforts as a sponsor. By using your expertise, personal network and a little elbow grease, you’ll make a huge difference during this holiday season – and into the New Year!   

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