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The 30-day Challenge: What Can You Accomplish in One Month?


What’s your favorite TV show? Is it “The Voice”? “Monday Night Football”? Maybe a reality TV show like “Big Brother”? Take a moment to think about it… what show is your weekly go-to? For me, it’s “Gotham”, an hour-long series every Monday night on FOX. I love the way the characters are gradually being introduced… it creates suspense that the on-going plot is building toward a future comic book crescendo. Ok. Did you think of your weekly digital reality escape? Now I admit, that was kind of a trick question. And I’ll tell you why in a moment. First, though:   

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The Power of New Year Realizations (Not Resolutions)

New Year

The start of a new year motivates many of us to make a fresh start… a deliberate attempt to change and improve our lives – and careers. And, of course, this leads to the creation of a new set of New Year’s resolutions.

Before you jump in and start making your list for 2014, I’d like to suggest a different approach…   

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