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10 Tips for Starting Your New Gig Off On the Right Foot [Infographic]

Starting Off on the Right Foor

You worked harder than you could have ever imagined to get that new internship or job. Now that you’re ready for your first day, the only thing left to do: impress!

That is why we really like this infographic from Socialcast. Here you’ll find ten tops for starting your new gig off on the right foot, as ten mistakes to avoid as you work hard to earn the trust of your new colleagues…   

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4 Ways an Entrepreneurial Mindset Ignites Your Job Search


Most of us seem to think that the traits of successful entrepreneurs only apply to CEOs and business owners. Consistently thinking like an entrepreneur, however, can take you a long way toward accomplishing many goals, especially when vying for a new job.

Here are four ways you can call on your inner entrepreneur during a job search…   

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In 5 Steps: THIS is How You Get Hired

work harder

You can also imagine that landing a job with a company such as LinkedIn means there is a ton of competition. Yet Lillian Chen fought her way to the top… and won the job.

So how did this job seeker do it? What was the secret to success?   

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6 Lessons Learned from Cover Letters Gone Wrong


A cover letter can be the spark that ignites a recruiters interest in you. Or, just as easily, can lead to a quick exit for you as a top candidate.

So what makes a really good cover letter… and a bad one? We collected some real-life examples of dead-end cover letters to serve as examples of what not to do the next time you’re making first contact with a prospective employer…   

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Your Old-School Job Search Needs a Jumpstart… Here’s How


Your job search strategy is limited to major job boards like Monster and Indeed. No wonder you probably aren’t making much progress. If you’ve long forgotten how many applications you’ve submitted, which companies you’ve applied to or who you need to follow up with, you probably also need an overhaul of your job search.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you improve your current job search strategy and change your results:   

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Before Saying Yes: 5 Tips to Uncover a Company’s Culture

company culture

When it comes time to finding a career in today’s economic climate, it is all too easy for employees to leap at the first offer they receive.

As common as this situation may be, countless millions have spent weeks, months, or even years in their current job and have yet to pick up on the signs that the company culture is not the right fit for them.

Here are five tips to help you uncover a company’s culture, before saying yes…   

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