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Are You Professionally Monogamous? [Infographic]

Are You Professionally Mongamous

Are you, as a job seeker or young careerist, monogamous? Are employers capable of loyalty? Are they retaining their best talent?

This infographic from Jobvite takes a close look at these questions, and answers many more…   

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3 Old-School Career Myths Exposed (Do You Really Want a Job?)

job myths

If you’re reading this post on YouTern, there’s a more than an even chance you’re ambitious. If you weren’t, you’d probably spend your time on YouSlacker.com instead. Since you’re here, you’re eager for useful advice on building your career. First stop: awesome, resume-building internships. Next up: the coolest, resume-building job you can land. Here’s the thing, though – and I hope this doesn’t freak you out too much… You may want to rethink that whole plan. You may not want a real job after all; you may not even want to build your resume. A caveat: I’m the last person   

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InternPro Chat: “Carving Out a Career in Our New Economy”


Long gone are the days of the “company man” who worked for the same company for an entire career. Today’s young professionals are increasingly mobile, staying at a job for a far shorter period than generations past: 2.6 years according to a recent survey.

Combine that with a prediction that by 2020, nearly 50% of all work will be done by SuperTemps, contractors, freelancers and solopreneurs… and it’s entirely possible that today’s young professionals will hold 20-25 jobs throughout their careers…   

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College Students and the New Apprentice Economy

Back in the old days of labor unions and skilled craftsmanship, there was a clear ascension to the ranks of the employable: emerging talent would serve as an apprentice, thoroughly developing a specific trade or skill. Here we go again. Welcome to Apprentice Economy Version 2.0. Many blogs and major articles, including posts on YouTern, have pointed out that a college degree no longer equates to a job offer. As the economy settles into new realities, employers are expecting more of candidates with a fresh education and little experience. College students are already responding by adding internships as a compulsory   

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