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Informational Meetings: So Much More Than Simple Networking

informational meetings

People have asked me why I don’t talk about informational interviews in my networking workshops.  The answer is that informational interviews ARE a form of networking. Informational interviews, also called informational meetings, mean talking with someone about what they do and/or what their company does to learn and get questions answered.   

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End-of-Year Housekeeping: Time to Prune Your LinkedIn Connections

linkedin connections

Your LinkedIn connections are is one of your most valuable business assets. Therefore, you should add people to your LinkedIn network very strategically. But people change and circumstances change, and occasionally you may find it necessary to remove someone from your network.   

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How Much Does a LinkedIn All-Star Rating Really Matter?

all-star rating

I hate to burst your balloon, but an All-Star rating has very little to do with how successful you’ll be on LinkedIn. And because of the significant profile changes over the past couple of years, you need to rethink many of the profile strategies that have worked in the past.   

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The 5-Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan [Infographic]

marketing plan

When it comes to marketing yourself, you probably don’t take as much advantage of LinkedIn as you should. With over 400 million professionals in the network, LinkedIn is the mother of all resumes, put up on the World Wide Web for display. And it seems easy enough: Login, stay active, and connect. These are the exact baby steps you need to take to make your work known to the professionals in a similar bubble, stay connected, and eventually build contacts. But, first, you need a marketing plan.   

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How to Tap Into LinkedIn Power to Energize Your Career

linkedin power

LinkedIn is pretty powerful if you understand some of the ways you can use it! LinkedIn is more than an online resume. It’s more than your modern-day Rolodex. LinkedIn is a massive database of user-supplied information. Let’s look at some of the ways you can tap into this LinkedIn power!   

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Proactive Job Search: How a Sales Funnel Approach Simplifies the Work

sales funnel proactive job search

If you are in a job search, you probably feel overwhelmed. But do you ever wonder what you should do more of? There is such a thing as “burn out” in a job search?  Just as you overworked yourself in your job, so can you over-work yourself in a job search. So I’m not suggesting you work harder. I’m proposing a solution to help you work smarter. You want to run a proactive job search. And you also want to apply your time and energy appropriately and focus on the activities with a higher rate of return. What does this mean you should do more of?   

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