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3 Simple Steps to Connecting with Alumni on LinkedIn

Dear College Students

Now that your LinkedIn profile is up and in tip top shape, it’s time to think about how, as a college student, you are going to connect with other LinkedIn members.

It’s time to develop your professional network…   

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7 Questions You Must Ask When Networking with Alumni

Alumni Connection

Looking for a new direction in your job search this summer? Attempting to expand your personal network after graduation? Struggling with career decisions? Been-there-done-that career advice and mentorship may be closer and easier than you thought.

When was the last time you tapped your alumni network?   

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Alumni Networks: Bringing College with You to the Real World


When I was in college, I was involved a lot on campus. Fast forward to when I first moved to Boston and I knew four people; two of whom were family.

I really missed that community feeling, and knew my college had provided it before. So I checked out opportunities to stay involved even though I was no longer on campus. Most universities have alumni chapters in major cities across the U.S. and it’s definitely worth your time to get involved. Not only is it a great place to network- there are people of every age and industry involved- but you have a common thread to talk about and a reason for them to help you.    

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Key to More Job Leads: The Alumni Networking Solution

New research from Jobvite found that “Employees hired through referral are hired 55% faster than those who come from a career site.”

If you are frustrated searching job boards, sending resumes into black holes, and not getting responses from prospective employers, the “The Alumni Networking Solution” will help you.

What exactly is The Alumni Networking Solution?   

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