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5 Deadly Job Search Networking Mistakes

networking mistakes

Many job seekers have told me that they “hate” to network! They have often described it as “just another name for using people.” Not fun. Very uncomfortable. Possibly, evil…


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15 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Networking One-hit Wonder


Whoa! You just hit the jackpot. The conference you just attended yielded a lot of great new leads. The first thing you do when you get back to the office? Jump onto LinkedIn and start sending connection requests, of course.

Unfortunately, that’s where most people’s interactions die a lonely death, and you become a networking one-hit wonder…   

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9 Rookie Networking Moves That Hurt Your Personal Brand


You may not know it yet, but while you are working hard to build a respectable personal brand – you may be doing the exact opposite. While you labor to extend your contact list and sphere of influence – you are actually limiting your potential.

All because you’re making these nine easily fixable rookie networking mistakes:   

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How NOT to Connect on LinkedIn: A Case Study

How Not to Use LinkedIn

As an open networker, I have no problem connecting to people. That’s what networking is all about… keeping your door open.

That means I say “yes” to a lot of requests to connect from people that I don’t know. This approach has led to far more opportunities coming my way either from people who turn into future clients or meaningful business connections.

But occasionally, someone abuses the open nature of LinkedIn…   

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3 Common (and Important) Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Every job seeker knows the importance of networking. Whether it be online, offline or in-person, these days connections means everything.

In a recent Fortune article, “6 Networking Mistakes Job Hunters Make,” Anne Fisher gathered advice from veteran career coach Darrell Gurney on what job seekers are doing wrong when it comes to the ever-important task of networking.

Here are three things Fisher and Gurney say to keep in mind when networking:   

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