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The Amazing LinkedIn Resources You’re Not Using Yet (But Should Be!)

LinkedIn Resources for Students 600

LinkedIn is perhaps the most powerful networking resource job seekers have at their disposal. According to Jobvite, 36% of job seekers report that they use LinkedIn. That’s a fairly large number. Well, it’s a large number until you consider that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn! This difference in percentage means many job seekers will not be found.

Let’s build a bridge! I want to arm you with official LinkedIn resources to help educate and inform new job seekers on how to get the most from LinkedIn. Ready?   

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College Students: 6 Reasons You Need LinkedIn Now

I was recently speaking with some college students who told me they hadn’t built profiles on LinkedIn.

When I asked why not, they said, and I quote: “No one at my school is telling me to do that.”

I’m just going to assume they were in the lunch line when the school was telling them to do so! If you were too, here’s the scoop: you need to be on LinkedIn…   

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#InternPro Chat: “Networking: The New Back-to-School Essential”

Got your books, class schedule, student meal card, iPad… you’re all ready for another exciting year at school. Right?

Not so fast. You’re missing a key part of your college education and experience… probably the most important component of building your career: Networking.   

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