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Networking Email Templates: Help Your Network Thrive!

networking email

Getting a response to a networking email can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. These three networking email templates were designed to make it easier for you to craft your message and get a response.

The best time to network is BEFORE a job is posted. You’re more likely to get a response to your request because employees aren’t involved in the hiring process yet. This is even true during a pandemic.   

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How to Write a Bad Ass Networking Email

Networking Email

So you found your very own Oprah. A role model. A mentor.

Your Oprah has taken a career path that you desperately want to emulate. You want to know exactly what that person did, why they did it, how they did it, etc. More importantly, you want to know how you can accomplish the same things.

You know you want to connect, so you hit the keyboard and start typing an email…   

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