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How to Discuss a Salary Raise with Your Boss [Infographic]

salary raise

If you’re like most people, it’s been a while since you’ve asked for a raise. This is, in large part, because it’s an intimidating conversation to have. But now that companies are recovering from the recession, your opportunity may be around the corner. The average U.S. worker gets a 3% raise each year, but just because pay increases are a common practice doesn’t mean you can actually count on getting one. If you’re itching for a raise that’s yet to come your way, you do have the option to broach the topic with your manager and see if you can eke out a salary raise.   

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Negotiating Salary: 10 Things to Remember When Seeking a Raise

negotiating salary

You’ve done a good job. You’re making an impact on the bottom line of your employer. You’re contributing positively to the company culture. So you’re thinking: Maybe this is a good time to time to ask for a raise? It most likely is.

But as many young professionals have learned, negotiating salary is a tricky business…   

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