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4 Tips for Negotiating the “For College Credit” Internship


In a previous post, I explored whether or not recent college graduates should stress when facing unpaid internships upon graduation…

I received plenty of feedback on this post, and one reader raised another dilemma facing college graduates looking to gain experience and get started with their careers: for-college-credit internships…   

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Show Me the Money! 5 Tips To Negotiate a Raise

Show Me the Money

Asking for a raise can be a bit tricky. It’s definitely not like asking your parents for a few extra bucks when you were still living under their roof.

The walking-on-eggshells feeling you get in trying not to overstep your boundaries with your boss is tough to navigate successfully. Asking for a raise is OK, however. And it’s a two-way conversation that you can have tactfully if you keep a few tips in mind:   

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