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2016 Job Outlook: Great News for College Grads [Infographic]

NACE 2016 Job Outlook

What does the job market have in store for the Class of 2016?

According to the 2016 job outlook by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), there’s good news ahead…   

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Finally: A Position Statement on Unpaid Internships That Makes Sense

Those of you who follow YouTern know we take a strong position on the educational value of internships (see “Are Internships Still the ‘New’ Entry-level Job?”). You also know that – while we strongly oppose “go-fer” and unpaid internships that offer little value to interns (other than a chance to spin the experience into a positive line of text on their resume) – we also realize that many unpaid internships are perhaps wrongly vilified as exploitative. Our position is clear: there are MANY forms of compensation besides meeting minimum wage: mentorship, networking, career development and the aforementioned experiential education, for   

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NACE Survey: 2011 Internship Hiring Up 7 Percent

According to a the latest internship survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, responding employers expect to hire 7% more interns for 2010-11 than they hired in 2009-10. 93% of employers responding to the NACE 2011 Internship & Co-op Survey reported plans to hire interns during 2010-11. The survey was conducted January 15 to March 1; 266 employers responded, for a 30.8 percent response rate. Full results, including anticipated salaries and benefits for interns, will be available this spring.

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