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10 Life Changing Books for Young Professionals


In this sped-up, technology-based world, career advisors speak often about how to quickly develop as a professional through online self-learning. But there’s something about reading a book offline, where the author has the time and space to go deeper on important issues, that brings another level of clarity to the reader. With that in mind, the YouTern team put together a list of life changing books for young professionals. These books made a significant impact on our professional outlook and careers. Perhaps they’ll do the same for you… 1. In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best Run Companies It is never   

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Before Your First Day at a Startup: 12 Must Read Books

startup must read books

You already know how hard it is to transfer what you’ve learned in school to the a real world working environment.

And nowhere is that more true in the start-up world, where everyone is expected to contribute from day one…   

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5 Must-read Books for Young Professional Success


There’s a lot to learn in your first real job: accepting your first full-time offer, impressing your first boss and negotiating your first salary, to name a few.

These difficult issues that influence the trajectory of the rest of your career.

Where can you get some advice? Books! There is no career quandary that hasn’t occurred to someone at some point in history. And solutions to these problems have been written down by experts who have been around the block.

As a fresh grad, you should take all the help you can get. So, turn off Netflix and pick up a book or two to get fantastic career perspectives.To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best books for young professionals:   

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