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Does Multitasking Actually Make You More Productive?


We’re all used to multitasking. It’s become part of our social fiber and workplace reality.

After all, in today’s hectic world, how could anyone get done what needs to be done without dividing our focus?    

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Multitasking Hurts Productivity… And Your Brain [Infographic]

Take a look at how many tabs you have open right now. Perhaps you’re reading this post while half-listening to a lecture in class, or on your smartphone while performing other tasks.

You’re multitasking.

Among its other collective characteristics, Gen Y has been widely credited with being great at multi-tasking. Is this really a benefit? Check out this infographic from OnlineUniversities.com that details some reasons for our attention diffusion, and how it may in fact be harming our productivity… and our brains!   

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You Can Multi-task… But It’s Bad for Your Internship

In my experience, most students who first enter the workplace think they understand what it means to multitask…but when they hit the work world, it’s a little different.

Watching TV while on the internet while texting is a form of multitasking – but it’s different than the sort of multitasking young professionals encounter at work.    

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