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Visual Content: How to Make Your Social Media Accounts Stand Out

visual content

If you have been ignoring the power of visual content, maybe now is the time to start… Have you heard? Visual marketing is hot! Businesses use pictures, images, and video to promote themselves and their products and services. And you should too! After all, we all want to increase the number of people viewing, sharing and engaging with what we share or write! But sometimes, getting started using visual content is challenging. In fact, when speaking with job seekers, business owners, and companies, I often hear things like, “I don’t know what to share.” And, “we wouldn’t benefit from using   

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Show, Don’t Tell: How to Clearly Demonstrate Skills During a Job Search

demonstrate skills

Showing a picture is better than trying to explain something- at least most of the time. It’s easy to tell someone you can do the job, but when you demonstrate skills, you paint a picture that shows your value.   

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