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Generation Z: 3 Ways to Leverage Native Skills (And Earn Job Offers)

generation z

Generation Z: lazy, self-absorbed, tech-obsessed, and unequipped for the workplace…

OK Generation Z, cue the well-deserved eyeroll. Here’s how you can turn those preconceived lemons into lemonade…   

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10 Workplace Perks Important to Millennials

workplace perks

Every company on the planet seems to be concerned about attracting and retaining young talent.

But few of those companies or teams ever go to the young talent themselves to ask what is important to them. So we did that for them…   

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4 Reasons Digital Natives are Born Ready to Compete Globally

digital natives

Millennials are the first generation with full access to the ever-expanding, global business community.

Technologies from social media and online networking, to video-teleconferencing and virtual collaboration tools, give young professionals an advantage that previous generations did not so readily enjoy: a job search without geographical limits.   

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How to Live Your Passion While Keeping a Day Job

Live Your Passion Soul on Fire

At the end of the day, most millennials constantly face an internal battle: live your passion, or sell out and work at a crappy job for money.

But I think if we change how we look at things a little bit, we’ll be a whole lot happier…   

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4 Reasons Millennials Are Embracing the Job Hopper Label

Job hopper

Recently, one of my well respected LinkedIn connections, Bob McIntosh wrote an article, “Should You Stay or Should You Go,” in which he advised Millennials to stay put in order to build their career. In response, I’d like to offer an alternative opinion: that they should go. Be a job hopper! As Millennials have grown to encompass over 25% of our current workforce, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing about how long they’ll stay in their current position. According to Future Workplace’s recent study entitled “Multiple Generations at Work,” approximately 91% of Millennials responded that they expected to stay at   

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Should You Stay or Should You Go: Are Millennials Changing Jobs Too Often?

millennials leaping to new jobs too soon?

A potential client, a 26-year old data analyst at a healthcare organization, was struggling with the decision to stay with his current company or go somewhere that would value his potential more. After careful consideration, I advised this Millennial to stay longer at his current company rather than jump ship. After all, he’d only been at his current company a short time and I was worried future employers may be concerned about him leaving this position so soon (a Forbes article states that the average tenure for Millennials is 2.3 years). He thanked me for my “awesome” advice, but had decided to   

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