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The Young Professionals’ Guide to a Great Career

Get Ahead

Today, there’s no linear career path. A college degree won’t guarantee you a job, and the economy is so volatile that where you start will probably not be where you end up.

Things that mattered in the past—your GPA and college major—aren’t as important as your network, your online presence, your work ethic and the right skills. These days, we’re playing by a completely different set of rules.

Here are five career secrets that’ll help you stand out, create new opportunities and get ahead at work:   

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#InternPro Chat: “Ready or Not: Can the Workplace Handle Young Leaders?”


You’ve heard the age old attitude from older workers and leaders… Gen Y should “earn their stripes”… And what do many Millennials say in response?

“Whatever… I’m ready to lead now.”

Learn more about Gen Y in leadership roles from this week’s InternPro Chat summary…   

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Young and in Charge: 7 Steps to Becoming a Great Gen Y Leader

Gen Y Manager

I was promoted to a leadership position at 26, less than one year after I’d been hired at entry-level. I sucked.

Management is a skill both inherent and developed, and while I was born with natural management finesse, I was never taught the skill of managing people. But I took this challenge as an opportunity for growth and spent a year learning how to be a great manager.

Here’s some nontraditional advice from a 20-something manager so you don’t make the same mistakes I did:   

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Clock-In…Clock-Out…Kill Myself: Gen Y Hates 9-to-5

As younger employees enter the workforce, employers should begin to find ways to meet the demands for flexible working hours favored by these Gen Y-ers. Employers need to focus on the quality of the tasks completed as opposed to the number of hours worked – set goals for their employees and base their performance on whether or not those goals are reached.

Are we in fact promoting inefficiency by requiring that all employees work a standard set of hours every week?   

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Employers: 13 Common Complaints About Recent Grads

Think it’s the economy that’s keeping you from landing a job? Sure, that could be the problem. Employers have a lot of complaints about recent grads these days, from a sense of entitlement to being completely unprepared.

Increase your chance of early career success – be sure you’re not guilty of any of these employment no-nos:   

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Successful Companies Must Encourage Gen Y to Lead

Employers do a terrible job a cultivating proper leadership within their organizations. Don’t get me wrong, many companies have wonderful on boarding programs that aim to teach new leaders.

But here’s the problem…

Professionals are being taught how to be leaders at the time when they’re already expected to fill these roles. What organizations should be doing is training individuals how to lead BEFORE they’re in leadership positions.

If you’re smart, you’ll teach us.   

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