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5 Myths About Post-Grad Life That Are Simply NOT True


Unfortunately, the media loves making unfair generalizations about Millennials so much that we’ve actually started to believe some of them ourselves.

To all you college seniors who are currently being bombarded with disheartening half-truths about yourself, your classmates, your job prospects, your social life, and your financial stability, allow me to bust up some of those myths for you…   

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The 2 Minute Millennial: 3 Pieces of Career Advice for GenZ

Advice for Gen Z

If you could go back in time and give yourself three pieces of advice that would make your future self a raving success, what would they be?

In this episode of The 2 Minute Millennial, I provide three pieces of advice to the up-and-comers in generation Z – advice I might give the younger version of myself…   

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Face-off: How New Leaders Handle Millennial Bashing at Work

Face off

A young Millennial enjoys a fairly good work culture, but part of that work culture is frequent barbs that include Millennial stereotypes.

When the Millennial is promoted, and finds herself now managing some of the individuals who take part in the Millennial bashing, What should she do? How should she handle it?   

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When Millennials Become Managers: 5 Keys to Success

Millennial Managers

When you’re a 20-something Millennial managing a group of older employees, there’s no doubt you need to bring your A-game to show the team that despite your age, you’re perfectly capable of stellar leadership.   

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12 Pervasive Myths About Millennials (and How to Beat Them)


As Millennials become the majority generation in the workforce, perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper, learn more about members of Gen Y as individuals, and bury – once and for all – the over-hyped stereotypes.

To help take us that direction, our sister site, Switch and Shift, asked members of YEC which Millennial myth has created the biggest obstacles for them, and how to beat those barriers…   

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Top 10 Millennial Trends and Predictions: 2013


For more than 16 years, Buzz Marketing Group has been a leader in identifying Millennials’ trends and insights. Each January, we publish our trend predictions for the coming year. Our biggest trends in the past have included Wharholism, Instanity, Massclusivity, and Conscious Consumption.

Below is our list of trends in 2013 — and what each might mean to your brand this year:   

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