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Mentorship: 3 Undervalued Benefits of Serving as a Mentor


After many wonderful mentoring experiences, I’ve learned how valuable and humbling it is to take on the role of a mentor. I can only hope that my mentees have gotten as much out of the experience as I have.

After all, mentoring has made me both a better manager, colleague and person.   

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Need a Mentor? Look for These 10 Powerful Mentorship Traits

mentorship traits

We all know how important mentors are to our personal and professional growth. What we don’t know is exactly how to find a good mentor. Specifically, what mentorship traits indicate this person can help us achieve our goals?   

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Face-off: Should Mentorship Relationships be Formal… or Informal?

Face off

In a conversation on our blab series The Answer Zone, Mark Babbit and Amy Tobin had a rare disagreement on the question of mentorship. The subject of whether seeking out a establishing a formal mentorship in your workplace or life was of value. Here are two different takes on the subject:   

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Gen Y Women Entrepreneurs: Focus on the Future

Over the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some Gen Y entrepreneurs destined to be, well, whatever they want to be.

This should not seem unusual; Gen Y has established themselves as the most entrepreneurial generation to date – and rightly so. Just as they have grown up with cell phones, game consoles, and reality television, they’ve also matured with entrepreneurs filling the roles of rock stars and role models.   

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