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The 3 Major Benefits Mentors Bring to Your Career

Benefits to your career with a mentor

What is the importance of having a mentor? Does everyone need one? Should you have more than one? These are all questions that I’ve asked in the past and continue to hear from students and young professionals today.

In my opinion, there are really three main benefits of mentorship:   

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10 Top Reasons You Really Need a Mentor


The ideal career mentor is someone who is passionate about their career, has leadership experience, and is knowledgeable about the career you want to achieve. Having a mentor who is successful in their field, will help job seekers discover the career path they want to take.

Also, what’s wonderful about a mentor is they can turn into a life-long friendship! Do you have your own personal cheerleader, yet? If not, here are 10 reasons why mentors are important to your career:   

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11 Ways to Be a Remarkable Mentee


A mentor can make a huge difference when being an intern, our first (or next) job, changing careers and when launching and running a start-up business. Sometimes we learn best from someone who has been there, done it… and got the t-shirt.

As a mentee, how do you ensure you get the best out of that mentor relationship? How do you become a remarkable mentee?   

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The Student Becomes the Teacher: Your Role as Reverse Mentor

Reverse Mentor

So you know what a mentor does… because you have probably developed relationships with mentors to advance your career or to help at school.

Perhaps though, you’ve never heard of a “reverse mentor”?

Many re familiar with the concept of a mentor as an older, more experienced, (often gray-haired) person who teaches a younger mentee; a seasoned business executive who teaches a young intern, for example…   

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Key to Finding Mentors: Begin With the End in Mind


Everyone knows they should have a mentor… but many don’t know how to find one, or the right one.

Mentors come in many flavors and hold different monikers, but the two common traits they should all possess is a willingness to give unbiased advice and expertise in the specific areas you are looking to improve.

Before you can start your hunt for the perfect mentor or advisors, career experts advise to do a little soul searching…   

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A Great Mentor: Steroids for Your Early Career


Mentoring is an often overlooked resource for young professionals. This is unfortunate because it can provide a huge boost to your early career.

Some young professionals are under the mistaken impression that developing a mentoring relationship is a difficult and formal process – but it doesn’t have to be.

How does one find a mentor? And what attributes should you exhibit that will draw potential mentors to you?   

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