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The 10 Best Questions to Ask Your Mentors

10 Best Questions to Ask Your Mentors

You finally gathered up enough courage to ask a mentor, or potential mentor, for a cup of coffee. The pressure is mounting. You’re sweating, a lot; there aren’t enough Starbucks napkins in the world to dry your palms.

And just when you think you have enough time to hit the restroom again, she strolls up to your table holding an Americano with two pumps of hazelnut in one hand – and years of experience in the other…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day Two: Stalk New Mentors

#60Day 2 of 60

We all know that one person we really want to meet; someone who works for a brand we admire, a blogger or someone we know from a past internship or volunteer job. Whoever it is, your career would benefit by having that person in your corner.

Today, you are going to reach out to that person… by becoming a world-class stalker.   

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Avoid Superman Complex: Seek the 4 Mentors Your Career Needs Most

Superman Complex

to truly harness business success, it really does take a village. You need outside perspectives to stay balanced and develop an holistic view of your business.

In order to keep growing my own support network, I started grouping my mentors and advisors into four distinct categories. This trick helps me make sure I always get advice from individuals varying in age, gender, socioeconomic status, and other demographics — thus opening the door to new conversations and perspectives.

Below are the four main categories I’ve identified, and where YOU can start looking for an advisor in each:   

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Ten Aspects of Mentorship You Didn’t Know (But Should)

Yoda Mentorship

If you are a college student, recent graduate or young professional perhaps you’ve become aware that mentorship – and curating mentor relationships – has become a critical element in your career development.   

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The More Mentors the Better: Try “Micro-mentoring”


I just attended a client meeting where new graduates were reminded to “find a mentor if you want to succeed.”

Many of us are used to the image of a mentor as a gray-haired executive: the one expert who is supposed to have all the answers and can teach us the rules for starting our career. And we’ve seen firsthand the impact of having the right mentor at the right time…   

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Interns: Work with a Mentor… Not for a Boss


The blogosphere constantly swirls with internship-related debates: Are internships “slave labor”? Paid or Unpaid? Which is better: Virtual or In-office internships? Internships vs. Entry-level Jobs.

Even after seeing thousands of internship postings pass through YouTern – until we thoroughly understood your goals and current issues we wouldn’t advise one way or another on any of these decision points.

However, there is one piece of advice we give everyone – regardless of career choice, financial situation, or any other criteria:

As an intern, you MUST choose a mentor-based internship. Here’s why:   

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