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3 Things Job Seekers Need to Know About Mentorship


Twice a year, a 70-year-old Italian immigrant-turned-millionaire CEO walks into Cortese’s restaurant in Binghamton with his 20-something Haitian mentee and orders the same exact dinner: baked salmon, pork chops, Caesar salad with Italian crumbly and a side of gnocchi. While this scene sounds straight out of the movie “Finding Forrester,” it’s just a typical dinner with my long-standing mentor, Angelo Mastrangelo.   

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11 Ways to Be a Remarkable Mentee


A mentor can make a huge difference when being an intern, our first (or next) job, changing careers and when launching and running a start-up business. Sometimes we learn best from someone who has been there, done it… and got the t-shirt.

As a mentee, how do you ensure you get the best out of that mentor relationship? How do you become a remarkable mentee?   

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