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12 Marketable Skills You Must Value in Yourself

job skills

Sometimes, we focus too much on what we want others to think about us… or what we think an employer or customer wants to see in us.

What if we, instead, focused on the skills that make us truly unique? Or the traits that help us be more creative or maintain a high level of passion for the work we do?   

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The Gig Economy: Stop Looking for a Job; Start Selling Your Skills

Got Skills

Today’s job market is dramatically different than it was just a short time ago. We’re now living in a “gig economy” where one- to five-year stints are the norm and people need to plan their careers around a market that’s becoming more and more unpredictable.

From an employer’s perspective, the gig economy is all about relevancy. How relevant are the skills you have to solving the problems my business faces?   

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